Bergen Point, NY - WWTP 

Toronto Transit - Sheppard Subway 

LA Metro - Westside Subway Extension

VE & Risk Analysis Studies

Seymour Capilano Filtration Plant & Twin Tunnels

 Vancouver, BC 

Joint Cost-Logic (JCL)

Confidence Scatter Plot

Snohomish County Courthouse 

Schedule Duration Sensitivity by Risk Driver

NYC - Newtown Creek WWTP - Central Residuals Facility  - VE Study

Hamilton Risk+Value Consultants, LLC assists owners and designers in assessing their projects from a capital and life cycle cost perspective, provide decision making tools, and optimize the financial condition of the project through risk identification, mitigation and sustainable design solutions. We provide the following services:

  • Cost Estimate Reviews and Contingency Analysis
  • Risk Register Development and Mitigation Tracking
  • Quantitative Integrated Cost/Schedule Risk Modeling (Resource Loaded) using Primavera P6 and Safran Risk or @Risk software
  • Risk Workshop Facilitation
  • Pre and Post Risk Mitigation Assessments -  "How are we doing"?
  • Forensic Evaluation of Construction Bids in "Bid-Bust" Conditions
  • Project Goal Setting and Corporate SWOT Analysis (Strength/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats)
  • Benchmarking Studies to Optimize Existing Programs and Procedures
  • Value Analysis/Value Engineering Studies
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Alternative Analysis and Life Cycle Costing (LCC)
  • LEED and Envision Sustainability Checklist Preparation, Reviews and ROI

Sound Transit Roosevelt Station 

Toronto Transit - Sheppard Subway

USACE - Intercoastal Shoreline Protection

Boston - MBTA VE Study 

A.D. Edmonston Pumping Plant 

O&M Economic Analysis

Critical Path Sensitivity to

Risk Drivers

Cost Tornado Diagram

Lakeview Water Treatment Plant

Region of Peel (Toronto, Canada)

VE / Constructability / Risk Analysis Study

New York World Trade Center Station 

BART - Warms Springs Extension

VE Study

Hamilton Risk+Value Consultants, LLC

San Francisco - Transbay Transit Center 

Risk Probability Distribution

Minneapolis Central Corridor - Hiawatha Line

VE / Constructability Study

VTA - Tasman West Corridor Light Rail Extension

VE / Constructability Study

Santa Rosa - Marin Area Rail Transit 

Oak Harbor, WA - Wastewater Treatment Plant

VE / Constructability Study

LA Metro - Risk Analysis Study